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Welcome to the City of Hill Valley

Hello everyone and welcome everybody to the wonderful Hill Valley City.com. Remember when you first saw Back to the Future, what was your reaction? Did you see it more than one time in the theater? If so then you've come to the right place. My name is Michael and I am a Back to the Future Fanatic. I want to dedicate this site to ALL the fans across the globe who love Back to the Future. I even used the template from USA Today newspapers that appeared in Part II as my home page format. I want every BTTF fan to keep Back to the future legacy going. I go by the name "FuturistiQ" in BTTF.com forum and also made another BTTF site called "bttf2theinfinite.com" back in 2003 (with a Mattel board layout). This is my second site and I hope you will enjoy this site.
Please scroll through this site to start exploring our great City of Hill Valley. You can find out about the history of Hill Valley.
You can go to our Hill Valley
Museum to view the fantastic screen used Back to the Future props collections & exhibits. If you plan to visit the real Hill Valley locations, please come here and you can use our interactive map to find all the information you need for each location before your visit. If you complete the whole Hill Valley experience and want to bring home some souvenirs, please come to our store to pick your own favorite gifts. Lastly should you have any questions or comments please do not hesitate and leave me a message here. For Mandarin version please click here.
Welcome to the City of Hill Valley- A very nice place to live indeed! Mayor Goldie Wilson Jr. and myself, Michael Chien, Vice Mayor of Hill Valley (I made the site so I can be whatever I want) would like to invite you to take an exciting journey to explore this wonderful city in Northern California. The City of Hill Valley was established in 1865. Since then this city has become one of the most beautiful locations to reside for many Americans. There are many famous residents who live in Hill Valley: our eccentric but ingenious inventor, Dr. Emmett Brown or the brave, clever and musically talented Marty McFly, and even the infamously wicked Biff Tannen (and his entire lineage) all live here in Hill Valley.
We're Going Back...AGAIN!
We're Going Back...AGAIN! Poster

*The painting of Doc & Marty in the poster I made above is courtesy of
Rich Pellegrino*


Here's the video for the first We're Going Back event in 2010. It's Hoverboard 101 (For 2010's event photos please click here)!

Hoverboarding 101 - We're Going Back to the Future from JD Raimer on Vimeo.

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